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7 Data Destruction Myths Debunked

With more threat actors targeting companies than ever before, businesses need to handle their data storage devices more responsibly and carefully. Doing so will reduce and mitigate the risks of a data breach that could ruin their reputation and result in massive losses.

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4 Benefits of Certified Data Destruction Services

Certified data destruction services are the key to knowing that the information stored on your hard drives and other equipment are completely removed from every single unit you recycle, rendering it completely unrecoverable and unreadable.

Read on to learn about certified data destruction and the benefits it offers.

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Why Recycling Unwanted Electronics is Important:

More and more businesses are issuing laptops as mobile workstations to equip an increasingly mobile workforce. In some cases, tablets are filling the role that clipboards of documents used to, with the advantages of internet connectivity and a built-in camera. Mobility has a lot of advantages, but it also subjects devices to a lot more wear and tear than the standard office desktops ever faced.

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