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Are you an individual looking to recycle old or unwanted electronics?

Secure Electronics Recycling

Old, retired electronics can collect dust, lose value, take up space and threaten security. Simply throwing away IT assets is not only a data security risk but it also can be harmful to the environment and in some cases may be illegal.

Secure IT Asset Disposition and electronics recycling offers maximum value recovery and secure data destruction.

How Do Electronics Get Recycled?

Secure transportation is the first step in it asset disposition.

1) Secure Transport

We start by providing secure transportation to our state of the art processing facility. We even prepare and package all of the material for you. Our qualified and background checked employees ensure that your hardware is protected from damage in transit.

2)Electronics Audit

Electronic assets are evaluated by our team of experts to determine how they will be recycled. We record the make, model, and serial numbers of each unit, along with any other data you may need. Audited units move onto data sanitization.

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3) Recycling

Your organization’s electronic equipment will be sent through our innovative shredding system to be processed for recycling. Through our certified process of data destruction and device recycling, you can rest easy knowing Cobalt will protect your sensitive data while helping protect the environment.
Secure & Certified Recycling Process

Cobalt is an R2 Certified electronics recycling facility. This is the industry’s leading certification – designed to help ensure the quality, environmental responsibility, and social responsibility of R2 Certified facilities.

Choosing Cobalt means protecting yourself against the possibility that your old assets come back to haunt you long after they’re out of sight, and more importantly, you’re protecting the environment from the hazardous effects of e-waste.

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Electronics Recycling FAQs

Electronics recycling is the separation of components and raw materials of outdated or unused electronics. While there are other ways to dispose of unwanted I.T. assets recycling your business hardware is the best way to promote an environmentally-friendly reputation within your industry.

Many types of electronic equipment can be recycled including computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, televisions, monitors, printers and other peripherals. Smaller components such as circuit boards and batteries may also be accepted for recycling.

Data destruction can take form in 3 primary ways:

1.) Clearing

2.) Purging

3.) Destroying

The method used depends on the device, data, and future life of the asset.


Electronics recycling offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Reuse of valuable materials that would otherwise have gone to waste.
  • Reduction in energy consumption associated with the manufacture of new electronic components.
  • Prevention of hazardous materials from entering the environment.
  • Creation of economic value for those involved in the recycling process.
  • Reduced impact on landfills and natural resources.

An electronics recycler is a company that specializes in collecting, disassembling and recycling used or obsolete electronic components.

ITAD providers often work with electronics recyclers but they have a different priority. ITAD providers recognize the importance of data security and follow rigorous recycling standards to guarantee data is destroyed. ITAD companies also strive to extend the lifespan of electronics and view reuse as an excellent form of electronics recycling.

Documentation lets you rest easy by confirming responsible electronics recycling, according to rigorous standards determined by the many certifications we hold. 

Certificate of Recycling and Destruction.
This verifies responsible handling and total data destruction. Our certification governs our process and ensures that data is destroyed.

When the process is complete, this documents the items recycled and verifies transfer of liability to Cobalt.

Equipment audit.
This details every item processed by make, model, serial number and asset tag that can be submitted to accounting for use as a tax deduction.

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Electronics Recycling for Everyone

R2-certified Cobalt and our parent company Cohen Recycling work together to make it easy for anyone with electronics for business or personal use to responsibly part with their devices.

For personal and household electronics, look for a Cohen recycling center near you. For business electronics and enhanced data security services, trust Cobalt. It’s that simple!

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