Nothing ruins your day like a data breach.

Cobalt addresses the problem by providing comprehensive and customized electronics reuse and recycling solutions.

Data security ought to be the first thing on your mind as you consider what comes next for your decommissioned hardware. Improper disposal of electronic equipment not only introduces critical risks to the environment, but to organizations, brands, and the data they most want to protect.

Risks to data are risks to your reputation, your clients, and even your security. 

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We hold a wide range of industry-backed certifications, so whether it’s environmental impact, data security, or human health and safety, you can be confident that we do everything possible to protect your privacy, eliminate risk, and preserve our environment.

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The Benefits of Cobalt’s Signature Service

  • Connect with a single point of contact: Your account service manager will guide you through the process and help customize services specific to your needs.
  • All data is destroyed and rendered unrecoverable, eliminating the risk of business data breaches from retired equipment.
  • Cobalt takes 100% responsibility and liability for all materials we remarket and recycle, from pick-up to final disposition.
  • Cobalt’s $1 million dollar guarantee provides extra insurance against risks.
  • In addition to our own certification audits, Cobalt regularly evaluates all of our downstream partners to ensure that they meet the same standards we are held to. No surprises, no compromises, no weak links.
  • Total transparency and comprehensive reporting keep you closely connected to the process.

Your risks are eliminated. Cobalt ensures that electronics are remarketed or recycled the right way, every time.

Uncover the Value of Unused Electronics

With the right partner, there are big rewards in retirement. Cobalt’s process meets the highest possible standards and is designed to maximize the lifespan of your unneeded IT products, with a focus on generating optimal value back to you.

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