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Maximize Your Company's Environmental Impact with IT Asset Disposition

Cobalt provides competitive ITAD services to make sure your business properly disposes every single outdated electronic asset through recycling or data destruction.

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Our Services

Data Destruction

Data destruction is a process that securely eliminates information stored on hard drives and other data-bearing equipment, rendering it completely unreadable and unrecoverable. Total data destruction can be achieved either by using software to wipe a storage device or physically dismantling and shredding it. Cobalt is the premier certified provider of secure data destruction for decommissioned electronics.

Electronics Recycling

The process of electronics recycling includes proper equipment collection, secure transportation, data sanitization, and shredding. We do everything it takes to get your material to our state-of-the-art processing facility, even preparing and packaging it for you. I.T. assets that our experts deem reusable will undergo audits and data sanitization. End-of-life units and any other piece of hardware that fails our tests will be shredded and recycled.

Remove Your Risk

Cobalt removes every risk and tracks every detail through our secure and certified electronics recycling process. Through proper asset disposition, Cobalt prevents the possibility of sensitive information coming back to haunt your business. Also, by working with Cobalt, you’re protecting the environment from the hazardous effects of e-waste caused by improperly disposed electronics.

Embrace Sustainability

Cobalt goes the extra mile to protect your brand, provide online visibility to your off-site assets, and keep harmful materials out of the environment. Help us create the circular loop of the recyclable materials present in your hardware while disposing of damaging chemicals that destroy ecosystems.

Bring Your Outdated Hardware to Cobalt

Cobalt is an R2 Certified electronics recycling facility. This is the industry’s leading certification – designed to help ensure the quality, environmental responsibility, and social responsibility of R2 Certified facilities. Bring your outdated hardware to Cobalt, the industry leader in ITAD.

Let us build a customized I.T. Asset Disposition plan for your business.

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