What Happens To Retired Electronics?

Security Throughout Our ITAD Process

Prioritizing data security has shaped Cobalt’s ITAD process for retired hardware across the board, removing every ounce of risk from pickup onward, even when refurbishing and re-selling equipment. For equipment that truly has reached the end of the line, Cobalt’s customized shredding system leaves every last byte unrecoverable.

Our ITAD Process

Cobalt’s process for collecting, evaluating, and processing electronics meets the highest possible standards and is designed to maximize the lifespan of your unneeded equipment. We focus on generating value back to you. Security, peace of mind, and continued usefulness: Retirement doesn’t get better than this.
itad process
Secure transportation is the first step in it asset disposition.

1) Secure Transport

We start by providing secure transportation to our state of the art processing facility. We even prepare and package all of the material for you. Our qualified and background checked employees ensure that your hardware is protected from damage in transit.
Data Destruction is a crucial component of itad services

2) Independent Audit

Every asset is evaluated by our team of experts to determine which path it will take: Refurbishment and resale or destruction and recycling. Assets with reuse potential transition to auditing, in which we record the make, model, and serial numbers of each unit, along with any other data you may need. Auditing units move onto data sanitization.
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3) Recycle or Refurbish

Our skilled refurbishment technicians test and compare your equipment to maximize resale value. Revenue sharing and rebate programs are in place to make sure you cover the most out of every resalable asset. If hardware fails our test and has no market demand, it will be sent through our innovative shredding system to be processed for recycling. Through our certified process of data destruction and device refurbishment, you can rest easy knowing Cobalt will protect your sensitive data while helping protect the environment.
Secure & Certified

Choosing Cobalt means protecting yourself against the possibility that your old assets come back to haunt you long after they’re out of sight.

Learn More About Step 3: Recycling or Refurbishing

Refurbishment & Resale

Reusing electronics is the best form of recycling. Cobalt handles both preparing and remarketing your used assets, delivering more value back to you.

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Traditional Recycling

For truly end-of-life electronics, recycling is the final option. Cobalt is supported by a 90+ year legacy in traditional scrap recycling and getting the best value for component materials.
Additional Policies and Protections

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