Cobalt can help YOU make it even easier to collect used, broken, outdated and unwanted electronics* and recycle them. Businesses, schools, municipalities and other organizations have turned to Cobalt to host private, public, and fundraising e-waste recycling events for their communities. Cobalt, an R2-certified secure electronics recycling provider, is proud to partner with you to create a collection event just for you.

*Limits on accepted items

What You Need

What Cobalt Provides:

What kinds of electronics does Cobalt accept for recycling?

Cobalt accepts most common home and office electronics. If it stores data, uses batteries or plugs in, we can recycle it. Commonly recycled items include laptops, tablets, computer towers, hard drives, printers, keyboards, docking stations, and handheld personal devices. There are only a few exceptions to what we can take.

Can I raise funds for my organization with an e-waste drive?

Yes! Several of our partners have turned their electronics recycling event into a fundraiser for their school, club, or non-profit. We’re happy to discuss the details of your event to determine if this is the right kind of fundraiser for you.

An important note about old TVs:

CRT TVs and monitors contain hazardous materials and incur a handling fee to recycle. We are happy to discuss this with you and make recommendations for accommodating this cost prior to your event.

I’m ready to book my event!

Call us at (513) 433-2530 to speak to a Cobalt representative about your event, or send us a message below.

About Cobalt

Cobalt is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cohen Recycling. We believe in People Powered Recycling and making it as simple, safe, and secure for everyone to recycle their electronics. From large organizations with dozens of decommissioned desktops, all the way to the personal electronics we use every day, creating opportunities to recycle responsibly and increase awareness of the waste we create gets us closer to a bluer planet.