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Electronics Recycling is the best solution for Decommissioned I.T. Assets. Cobalt eliminates your risks, provides convenient solutions, and ensures that reuse and recycling is done right, every time. That’s why companies choose Cobalt.

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5 Quick Reasons to Recycle Your Electronics:

states in the U.S. have e-waste recycling requirements.
of landfill toxins are generated by e-waste.
50 %
million metric tonnes of e-waste was generated in 2019.

Cobalt Provides:

Safety and Security

Choosing Cobalt, an R2 certified recycler, gives you greater control of your liability and risks to your business, data, and brand. Get peace of mind that all of your risks are covered with safe and secure electronics recycling.

“R2” stands for Responsible Recycling and is a standard specifically created for the electronics recycling industry by Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI).

A Chain of Custody Report

Know exactly where your items are. This comprehensive report includes make, model, serial number, and/or asset tags. This supports the transfer of liability of those assets and their data from your company to Cobalt. From collection to testing, sanitization, and recycling, every step is documented and you receive a report with all the details.

Get a plan in place.
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Businesses that rely on IT infrastructure tend to cycle through their devices every two to five years, creating the need for a trusted electronics recycler. As hardware generations are becoming obsolete quicker than ever before, now is the perfect time to reach out to Cobalt to get a plan in place for when the time is right.