Recycle or Refurbish: The Best Retirement Plan For Your Electronics

When it’s time to upgrade, it’s important to select the safest & most beneficial retirement plan for your outdated IT assets. Every organization has different needs for their old electronics, so it’s important to choose a vendor who can meet those needs and keep your data safe.

At Cobalt, there are two options for retired assets: recycling or refurbishing.

When to Refurbish

Reuse is the best form of recycling, so electronics that still have some life left possess resale value after they are refurbished.

When to Recycle

recycle electronics at the end of their life

To protect the environment and your potentially sensitive date, end-of-life electronics are best recycled.

Whichever option best fits your needs, the first steps of Cobalt’s IT asset disposition process are the same for each path:

1.) Collection
2.) Logistics
3.) Data Destruction.

Cobalt’s technicians collect, test, and compare your equipment in order to maximize resale value.

  • We break down every piece of hardware into its raw materials to clean them and check for any abnormalities.
  • Any damaged or worn-out parts are set aside for recycling and replaced with new ones.

After testing, the electronics will go one of two ways:

Refurbishing & Reselling

refurbish and resell electronics at the end of their life

When electronics are refurbished, any damaged or outdated components are removed and replaced with new components.
For a device to be considered fully refurbished, it needs to be taken completely apart and rebuilt, making sure that any outdated or damaged parts are updated with new ones.

Cobalt professionally refurbishes PCs and preinstalls them with a Microsoft software license, which increases the resale value.

Revenue sharing and rebate programs are in place to make sure that you get the most out of every re-marketable asset.

Processing & Recycling

When hardware is broken down into its raw components, any hardware that fails our tests and possesses no resale value is sent to our in-house shredder to be processed for recycling.

Our custom shredding system leaves every piece of data unrecoverable, ensuring data security and environmental sustainability.

When the process is complete, your company will receive reports detailing the equipment audit and recycling/destruction of your old assets.

Why Choose Cobalt?

Cobalt ensures that every possible risk is removed.
How? All processes mentioned above are handled by our professionals, on-site, every step of the way.

Contact us to learn how we can help manage your IT assets