How to Choose a Recycler

Selecting an electronics recycler for your business is an important decision with implications for your exposure to liability. Every organization has unique needs, and decision-makers need to be asking the right questions to ensure that those needs are met.

To help you evaluate recyclers, we’ve assembled this easy guide to the top concerns and questions that will reveal any potential gaps or drawbacks that could leave you exposed.

Electronics Recycling Certifications

Choosing a recycler that has been certified for electronics is the first step in protecting yourself against what could go wrong. There are a number of environmental, quality, safety, and security measures built into these certifications to hold recyclers accountable for how they handle their clients’ assets. Ask your recycler which certifications they hold, how often they are audited, and what they are doing to stay current with industry standards.

Read Cobalt’s QEHS Policy

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Chain of Custody Reporting

When your equipment potentially has personal employee or customer information, sensitive financial data, and/or intellectual property on it, it’s imperative that your recycler be able to detail exactly where every asset is in the process and support that claim with the proper documentation. Otherwise, you risk significant exposure and even legal ramifications. Ask your recycler if they are protecting you from these risks with full Chain of Custody reporting, including make, model, serial number, and/or asset tags. This reporting supports the transfer of liability of those assets and their data from your company to your recycler.

Data Destruction Practices

There is more than one way to properly prepare electronics for resale or recycling. You want to know what method or methods your recycler makes available, and how they guarantee that your data security is protected. You also want to know just where your electronics are destined to end up: will they be refurbished and resold, or destroyed for scrap? Both ways are legitimate, but the last thing you want is a surprise.

Cobalt will provide data destruction for all fixed storage devices. Read our Data Security Policy.

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Quality of Service

Managing end-of-life electronics is painless when you work with a partner that values convenient, comprehensive service. A broad range of services allows for customizable solutions and peace of mind that all the details are being covered to maintain compliance, without demanding extra oversight or homework from you.

Cobalt’s menu of services includes many measures for ensuring that your assets are handled in a safe, secure manner from collection to final disposition. Roll over each step of the process to see how you’re protected:

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Liability Insurance

Insurance works together with certifications and auditing to reinforce 360-degree protection against worst case scenarios. An uninsured or inadequately insured recycler could leave your organization and brand exposed without you ever knowing, unless you ask.

Cobalt carries a $1 million cyber liability guarantee to protect your company from losses should your assets be compromised at any point in the process, as well as $5 million pollution liability insurance. We’re proud that our process is already so thorough that we’ve never needed to fall back on this safety net, but that doesn’t mean we’d ever let you go without.

Physical Security

Any qualified electronics recycler will emphasize data security in cyberspace, but what about the real world risks once your assets have left your custody? This is an important detail that is often overlooked.

  • What levels of security and access do their employees have?
  • Is there entry and exit security?
  • Is the facility fenced in?
  • What type of security and camera system do they have?
Read our data security policy.

The ideal electronics recycler eliminates your risks, provides convenient solutions, and ensures that reuse and recycling is done right, every time. That’s why companies choose Cobalt.

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