IT Asset Remarketing.

Reuse. Resell. Reward.

Cobalt’s IT asset remarketing process focuses on intelligent reuse, so you get maximum value for your assets.

Our experts will ready your ewaste for resale whenever possible. Refurbished electronics that are remarketed can provide additional value from your used electronics once you no longer need them.

Our IT Asset Remarketing Process

electronics recycling
it asset remarketing computer image


As a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, Cobalt professionally refurbishes PCs and preinstalls them with a legitimate Microsoft software license. This adds value to the asset during resale and enables buyers to be certain they’re getting a quality product. Our customers can get maximum value for enabling their old equipment to be remarketed.


Once certified that data destruction is complete and, for PCs, Microsoft certified software is installed, products will be listed for sale.


Cobalt provides competitive reuse revenue sharing. Contact us to find out more information on how remarketing can work for your IT Assets that are ready to be reused or recycled.