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Protect Your Patients

Cobalt has a wealth of experience servicing the data-bearing assets and equipment within the healthcare industry.

Threat of Hackers & Ransomware 

Since the entirety of a patient’s medical history can be accessed online, it’s crucial that the network equipment housing these electronic health records is properly protected, and at end-of-life, destroyed. With the constant threat of hacking and ransomware attacks, the issue is much too serious for healthcare entities to ignore.

The Healthcare Industry houses an incredible amount of sensitive, patient data.

Health organizations must protect these large databases of electronic health records by adhering to strict regulatory compliance policies.

What happens when hardware is out of date, in need of replacement, and still storing sensitive info?

An avoidance or ignorance of compliance policies could result in data breaches, which could ultimately damage brand reputation and cause financial harm. Your health organization’s outdated I.T. Assets should be transfered a certified ITAD entity that specializes in healthcare data destruction. 

What is ITAD?

ITAD is the proper, responsible disposal of unused or obsolete electronic, data-bearing assets. 

Are You Ready to Properly Dispose of Your Outdated IT Assets?

Don’t let your outdated electronics sit in a closet.
Turn them into profit. We process your assets at our secure facility and turn them into capital.

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