Educational institutions and organizations, and their IT service providers, trust Cobalt with their retired hardware.

Get protected from risks to student, faculty, and staff privacy.

IT Asset Disposition, or ITAD, is the secure and responsible disposal of obsolete, out-of-service, or decommissioned electronics. It includes recycling, refurbishment, and resale, with the ultimate aim of reducing the global e-waste stream and making the electronics manufacturing supply chain more sustainable.

Cobalt is an ITAD firm founded by recyclers who invested in data security in order to provide full-service electronics recycling and reuse to IT-reliant organizations. Cobalt’s processes are backed by third-party audited certifications. From collection to testing, sanitization, and recycling, every step is documented and you receive a report with all the details.

Get protected from risks to student, faculty, and staff privacy.

Educational institutions, organizations, and their service providers can all be held liable in the event of an attack on their IT systems. A data breach can result not only in damage to an organization’s reputation, but fines and other consequences for non-compliance with consumer protection regulations.

Threats to your organization’s data can come at any point of the hardware lifecycle, even after it’s been taken offline. Don’t just sell it for scrap: work with a trusted IT asset disposition partner to manage your end-of-service computers, security systems, network equipment, and other data-bearing devices, the right way.

Contact Cobalt if

  • You have an equipment upgrade cycle coming up
  • You have a stockpile of old equipment no longer in use
  • Your organization manages or stores sensitive data
  • You are subject to data governance regulations and federal oversight
  • Your organization’s values include environmental stewardship and waste reduction