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Education Industry Security Issues:

It’s Not Just Faculty Using Computers. It’s the Students.

Hackers create attractive malware. It shouldn’t be a surprise that many students will click on their fake advertisements. If your students are using computers owned by your institution, the institution is responsible for all damages caused by phishing and hacking. 

What Information Can Be Obtained From a Data Breach at an Educational Institution?

  • Names
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Medical Information
  • Grades 
  • Documented Behavior Issues

The education sector is different from other industries that house sensitive info:
Those who have administrative privileges frequently fail to understand what the students are looking at, and more importantly, what information they’re inputting. 

The educational Industry houses an incredible amount of sensitive data. Schools and educational organizations must protect these large databases of electronic records by adhering to strict regulatory compliance policies.

It Used To Just Be An Issue in Computer Class.
Now Every Class is Computer Class.

As more educational institutions switch from pencil-and-paper learning to digital interfaces with tablets and personal computers, the concern for cybersecurity and proper data destruction is constantly increasing.

What Exactly Causes These Data Breaches? 

Here are some of the complications that can make data breaches happen more frequently.

  • Students and staff are limited in their knowledge of computers and cybercrime.
  • Technologically advanced students may try to hack servers and databases. While they might view this act as a joke, stealing personal information is risky business.
  • Many different people use multiple computers throughout the institution. Login information can be saved on as many as five computers within the same organization. That means the likelihood of that person’s information getting stolen and used inappropriately is five times greater.
  • Each school year, new students and faculty will use the same computers that house usernames and login information from the previous year’s users.
  • If teachers and other faculty members have permission to work from home, this remote access can cause complications. Now the hackers and phishers have access to your smartphone and home laptop.

You’re liable for your data. Let’s change that.

Utilize Cobalt’s Secure Data Destruction Program.

Cobalt has a wealth of experience servicing the data-bearing assets and equipment within the schooling and education industries. 

We accept applications from all educational institutions from small grade schools to national universities.

What happens when hardware is out of date, in need of replacement, and still storing sensitive info?

An avoidance or ignorance of compliance policies could result in data breaches, damage to brand reputation, financial harm. Your educational organization’s outdated I.T. Assets should be transferred to a certified ITAD entity that specializes in schooling and educational data destruction.  

As hardware generations are becoming obsolete quicker than ever before, and since the education sector replaces equipment more frequently than institutions in other industries now is the perfect time to reach out to a data destruction specialist to get a plan in place for when the time is right.

What is ITAD?

ITAD is the proper, responsible disposal of unused or obsolete electronic, data-bearing assets. 

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