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Data Destruction is the most secure way to dispose of your old electronics. Cobalt’s data destruction service offers convenience and efficiency. Cobalt is the premier certified provider of secure data destruction for decommissioned business electronics.

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r2 recycling

Accepted Electronic Devices:

states in the U.S. have e-waste recycling requirements.
of landfill toxins are generated by e-waste.
50 %
million metric tonnes of e-waste was generated in 2019.

Why Your Business Needs Data Destruction:

Data destruction securely eliminates information stored on your business hard drives and other data-bearing equipment, rendering it completely unreadable and unrecoverable. Cobalt’s data destruction services employ a shredding unit that instantly turns your company’s outdated hard drives and other electronic equipment into pieces that can never be accessed or reassembled.

You Can Trust Cobalt

Cobalt is an R2 (Responsible Recycling) Certified electronics recycling facility. This is the industry’s leading certification – designed to help ensure the quality, environmental responsibility, and social responsibility of R2 Certified facilities. Start your business’s data destruction process today with a trusted Cobalt consultant.